Some online website development courses.

Website Development

Website development involves the developing of a website and can range from developing a single page of simple text to the most complex website designs – applications, social network services and electronic businesses.

The designing, developing and maintaining of a website includes many skills – interface design, search engine, and user experience design.

A course in website development is a great way to kick-start a career in website design in Dubai by acquiring the necessary technical skills. There are many career paths available for anyone with knowledge in web development – web designer, design studio owner, entrepreneur or usability expert.

Few Online Website Development Courses

With the web development industry growing exponentially and numerous courses available online, an aspiring web designer can make a selection from the many designing training resources that are available online.

Interactive Media Design

  • Treehouse: This premium video-based online learning service has an easy to navigate user interface. Treehouse consists of various tracks, each track dealing with a specific programming language or skill. These tracks assume that one has no previous knowledge and are highly structured. This course also helps with internships and job placements.
  •  Lynda: Launched in 1995, this course also comes with video based tutorials and teaches one the techniques of web designing with a price. But unlike Treehouse, this web designing course is not divided into tracks. Rather, it gives one access to numerous courses which can be availed by beginners, intermediates or advanced learners. Other than web development, Lynda also has courses on various other topics.
  • Codecademy: This is a free web designing course and because of the ease of learning codes with this course, it is in great demand within the web designing community. The learner can type codes in the browser of the samples that come with the course. The code is evaluated by the platform and explanations and walkthroughs are provided alongside.

Though this platform has only a small number of courses, it provides the easiest way to learn web designing for those who have no prior knowledge of web development at all.

Dubai SEO
Web Design Courses

Web Design and Development (Science Degree)

A combined course of web designing as well as web development, this course teaches learners designing and programming techniques – Javascript, XML, CSS, Flash ActionScript and Flash. This course teaches the techniques of both front-end and back-end development.

Multimedia and Animation (Information Technology Degree)

This course is ideal for students who are pursuing their degree in Information Technology with specialization in multimedia and animation. The course teaches them the use of professional tools involving image processing and vector graphics animation. Students can also interact with other online students and hone their creative skills in the brainstorming sessions.

Benefits of Learning Online

With the web industry’s fast moving pace, online courses are the best options due to the fact that they are updated and are in tune with the latest techniques in web designing. One has also the flexibility to learn at one’s pace and that too from the comfort of their own homes.

Resources are many but how one derives maximum benefit from them in order to pursue their dreams of web design in Dubai depends solely on the learner.


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